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Looking forward to see many in Gidge this Easter weekend. For new visitors here is how to get there:

Turn off from Roe Highway into Toodyay Road. From there it is 40km to the block. Drive through Gidgegannup Village, past Noble Falls, AfterRed Swamp Gully comes the turn off into Dryandra Road, 3 km straight ahead you come to the entrance to the Swiss Club Property on Louisa Circle.

Looking forward to see you there and enjoy Kafi und Gipfeli and Easter Egg Hunt and Steistosse and Tug of War and other games.


Incoming Swiss Club Committee starting on 24 Feb 2019

President Ruth Kellenberger

Treasurer Evelyne Scholz

Secretary Lucy Pellicioli

Property Manager Rene Henzen

General Committee Members are

Senta Walton and Peter Abplanalp and Angelo Bianchi

2019 Events

The committee Meeting was held today at the Angelo's place, working on treasurer's handover and discussing several matters, mainly the upcoming Easter Event in Gidgegannup.

We will inform in more detail in the near future.

Your committee team: Angelo (still helping, getting "roped in"), Lucy, Peter, Ruth, Evelyne, Senta (missing: René)

- The main issue was the great cost for the Club regarding the Property in Gidgegannup, like yearly Shire rates of around $4'000, Fire break upkeep, repairs and the necessary Pestcontrol due this year. We therefore decided to put up an Honour Box and ask all visitors for the contribution of a gold coin per person/day towards the upkeep of the Property.

- Furthermore, if you intend to use the Gas BBQ kindly bring your own gasbottles.

- Equal rights and responsibilities for every person visiting the Property

Sun 21 April Easter Egg Hunt, Gidgegannup

Tent city from Good Friday 19 Apr until Easter Monday 22 Apr

Kafi und Buttergipfeli und Mandelgipfel on Sunday Morning from 10 o'clock onwards (3$ Buttergipfel, 5$ Mandelgipfel, Lafi included)

Steistosse could be re-introduced

9th June 2019 Jasstournament in Darwin>> Invitation (word doc) ​

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Information for young Swiss abroad (in German)

Information for young Swiss abroad (in French)

Updated 23/2/2019LW

Annual Picnic


Metzgete -  


Sat 29 June 2019 (confirmed booked with RDC)

Swiss National Day

 (3 Aug 2019)

Busy Bee setting up Funke (cutting, collecting, stacking wood; preparing shelter: 27/28 July)

Samichlaus -

Santa Claus

8 December 2019

​Mussel Pool West, Shelter W

The Swiss Club offers a wide range of activities for members, designed to suit all ages and interests.
The Objectives of the Club are:
To promote and uphold Swiss culture, tradition and languages 
To maintain good fellowship 
To further helpfulness amongst its members and to assist newly-arrived and/or destitute Swiss 
To support international and multicultural activities and charities between the Swiss and other communities in Australia. Many Swiss in Western Australia have non-Swiss partners, and are reluctant to join our Club because they think that their partner will feel left out. Let us reassure you that non-Swiss people are warmly welcomed in our Club.
Ruth Kellenberger

Swiss Club WA